Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is the discipline of global creator to meet the fundamental needs of human beings. Civil engineering provides comforts public life. It traditionally covers streams such as geotechnical engineering, surveying, construction technology, structural engineering, environmental engineering, transportation engineering, material engineering, urban planning, water resources engineering, architectural drawing, quantity analysis, earthquake engineering etc.


The Department of Civil Engineering was established in 2008 in full-fledged with an intake capacity of 60 students per annum which further increased to 120 students per annum in 2011.The course study involves in expansion of latest technology such as Computer Aided Drawing (AutoCAD), structure detailing, Surveying by Auto Level and Total Station etc., along with a rich Civil Engineering Lab. facilities, which impart high quality education and training to the students.  The Civil engineering department has young, energetic and industrial experienced faculty members to bridge the gap between the academics and latest technology.



  1. To become a centre of excellence in infrastructure development and skill Development.
  2. To occupy a place in eminent institute of the country and guide the student to become a responsible citizen and a competent professional



  1. To impart high quality technical education and skill for the upliftment for present era job demand
  2. To provide basic knowledge and strong foundation of civil engineering
  3. To aim for higher education setup with continuous improvement
  4. To become regional focal point in the human development in civil engineering



The main objective of civil engineering department is to disseminate the knowledge to the student to cater the demand of builders/contractors and construction industry people in and around the globe. This field of engineering enables the students to learn planning, analysis, design, construction method and maintenance of buildings, roads, dams, bridges, etc. They are also taught on utilization of natural resources such as water, minerals along with environmental education, transportation and urban engineering.



The department is well equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and modern infra-structure facilities, to help efficient learning of engineering principles and hand-on practical training. Different laboratories are involved in experiments and projects.  The laboratory staffs are highly skilled and experienced and keep up-to-date with latest technologies and equipments.


Equipment available in our Laboratories-



Surveying -

  • Chain and Compass Surveying equipments
  • Plain Table Surveying equipments
  • Levelling instruments (Dumpy, Tilting and Auto Level
  • Opticat and Electronic theodolite
  • Polar planimeter
  • Surveying by Total Station.

Concrete  Lab-

  • Slump cone apparatus, Compaction factor apparatus
  • Vee Bee cosistometer
  • Sieving  equipments
  • Compression testing machine
  • Vicat's apparatus
  • Turbidity meter
  • Equipment for testing tensile strength
  • Motorized Concrete batch mixture
  • Rebound Hammer testing equipment
  • Tensile Strength Tester

Geo-technical Lab-

  • C.B.R testing equipment
  • Liquid limit device with all accessories
  • Core cutter and Sand replacement apparatus
  • Constant head and variable head permeability test apparatus
  • Direct shear machine with complete accessories
  • Proctor test apparatus
  • Sieving apparatus
  • Liquid Limit apparatus
  • Plastic Limit apparatus

Highway Engineering Lab-

  • Impact Value testing apparatus.
  • Ductility test for bitumen
  • Aggregate Value testing apparatus
  • Flash and Fire testing  apparatus
  • Elongation and Flakiness test equipments
  • Los Angels abrasion value testing apparatus
  • Penetration testing equipment
  • Softening point testing for  bitumen
  • Water absorption testing

Environmental  Lab-

  • Ph meter.
  • Turbidity meter .
  • Orthotolidine test apparatus.
  • Hardness testing of water .
  • B.O.D  &  C.O.D testing apparatus.
  • Fluoride content testing apparatus.
  • Jar testing apparatus for quantity of coagulant .
  • Digital weighing balance machine.
  • TS, SS and TDS measuring apparatus.

Hydraulics and Plumbing Lab-

  • Bernoulli’s theorem apparatus (closed circuit)
  • Venturimeter/Orificemeter apparatus (closed circuit) with all accessories
  • Pipe friction apparatus (closed circuit) with all accessories
  • Orifice/Mouthpiece apparatus (closed circuit) with all accessories
  • Notch apparatus (closed circuit) with accessorie
  • Reciprocating pump test rig with accessories
  • Centrifugal pump test rig
  • Francise Turbine
  • Pelton Wheel with test rig
  • Models display showing all specials used in water supply and sanitary.

CAD in Civil Engineering Drawing-

  •  AUTO CAD-2007.

Mechanics of Structure Lab-

  • Universal testing machine
  • Torsion testing machine
  • Brinell Hardness testing machine
  • Impact testing by Izod and charpy method.

Engineering Mechanics Lab-

  • Screw Ja
  • ck apparatus
  • Worm and Worm Wheel  apparatus
  • Model of simp
  • supported beam
  • Model to verify the Lami’s theorem
  • Model to verify Law of polygon forces
  • Jib and Jib crane apparatus







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