Science and Humanities

This department is working since inception of the institution. The department is an umbrella under which many branches of science and sections of language work. The department takes the responsibility of teaching Engineering Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. To enhance the managerial skill of the students, spoken as well as written English is also a vital course in the curriculum.

The Applied Science and Humanities Department enjoys the services of well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty. The faculties are participating and have presented many papers at various seminars, workshops and conferences.

 The English department is meant for developing not only communication skills but also personality of the students. Language is the backbone of one’s communication. It provides us an open opportunity to have a proper interaction with our fellow human being. Whether it is campus, social gathering, and political activity, cultural function but also campus selection.
Lab Facilities :

Physics lab is spacious and well equipped with facilities. The Engg. Physics Laboratory is well equipped with sufficient number of instruments and infrastructure, so that each student gets ample time to get acquainted with the instruments.
Chemistry lab is well equipped to meet all the requirements with latest instruments. The engineering chemistry lab is well equipped with sufficient infrastructure such as demineralization plant (D.M. Plant) supplied by Ion-exchange India Pvt. Ltd., highly sensitive PH meters, highly sensitive digital chemical balance etc. The following facilities are available in the department :

Ø Preparation of derivatives 
Quantitative analysis
Ø      Qualitative analysis
Ø       Volumetric analysis
Ø       Determination of PH