Internal Complaint Committee

Establishment of Internal Complaint Committee as per AICTE Notification


As per Section 4 of All India Council for Technical Education (Prevention & Prohibition of Sexual Harassment and Redressal of  Grievances in Technical Institution) Regulation, 2016 (AICTE Notification), Internal Complaint Committee for Al-Kabir Polytechnic Campus is constituted with an objective of resolving complaint pertaining to gender sensitization and sexual harassment of girl students, their parents and lay employees of the college. The committee consists of the following members. The tenure of this committee will be till June 2019 or till further order.


1)      Mr. M.J. Quaisar, Principal                                                                   Chairperson                                                                                           

2)      Mr. Mohammad Rizwan, Academic Coordinator                                      Member

3)      Mr. Md. Naushad Ahmad, Controller of Examination                               Member

4)      Mr. Mojeeb Alam, Placement Cell                                                         Member

5)      Mr. Md. Yousuf Uddin, Warden                                                            Member

6)      Mr. Prabhat Kumar, H.O.D., Electrical Engg. Deptt.                                Member

7)      Mr. Md. Maqsood Alam, Lecturer, ECE Deptt.                                        Member

8)      Mr. Rashid Akhtar, Lecturer, Engg. Physics                                           Member

9)      Mr. Sudisth Kumar, Lecturer, ECE Deptt.                                              Member

10)  Mr. Asif Iqbal, Lecturer, Civil Engg. Deptt.                                            Member

11)  Mr. Abdul Tahir Khan, Lecturer, Mech. Engg. Deptt.                              Member

12)  Mrs. Chandana Sharma, Lecturer, CSE Deptt.                                       Member

13)  Mrs. Sheikh Sanobar, Lecturer, Engg. Chemistry Deptt.                         Member

14)  Student Representative to be co-opted by the committee                      Member          

15)  Student Representative to be co-opted by the committee                      Member



Concerned girl students and lady employees of the college may henceforth approach the Internal Complaint Committee for any complaints pertaining to gender sensitization and sexual harassment.



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