Electrical Engineering is one of the oldest and fundamental branches of engineering. It plays a dominant role in every walk of life ranging from house hold to the industrial sector. Today not a single machine could be thought of operating without electricity. Each and every person knows the importance of electricity. A hut with electricity is considered to be the heaven and a palace without electricity is considered to be the hell. Development of a Nation is decided by the per capita consumption of electricity.


The college started with this fundamental branch in 1994 with an intake capacity of 30 students, in the year 1998 the capacity increased to 60 students. Due to increase demand of this field the intake capacity reached to 90 students in the year 2002. The department was started by some highly experienced and professionally qualified engineers retired from Tata Steel and NITs due to which Electrical Engineering Department was always in high ranking. Although these foundation pillars, which nourished the department as their baby, are not with us today, but the shining of this department still persists. Still the department has a good team of Lecturers, Lab Assistants, Lab Technicians and a HOD for effectively running the department. The team has industry experienced faculties on one hand, young and dynamic professionals on the other, who are always ready to face the challenges. All are versed in the respective field of specialization. All are highly qualified and a few are still pursuing for higher qualifications.


Objective of electrical engineering department is to impart technical education to the students related to electrical engineering according to the syllabus of Jharkhand technical board.
To make them understand the basics of electrical principle.
To make them familiar with the electrical equipments and machines.
To make them practices the safety norms at work.
To make technically sound, theoretically as well as practically to cope with the challenges to come in their industrial life.
Today the department can boast of having three highly equipped laboratories:

Machine Lab :

This Lab is equipped with all types of AC and DC motors and generators ranging from 0.5KW to 7KW for performing all types of experiments and studying the characteristics of the machines. Some machines are in dismantling condition to make the students aware of the parts. The lab has all types of motor starters manual and automatic. Motors can be given mechanical as well as electrical loading (Resistive, inductive and capacitive)

Control and Measurement Lab :

This Lab provides with experimental set-ups for studying Transducers (Piezoelectric, Capacitive pick-up, RTD, Thermister, LVDT, LDR, Stain Gauge etc.), DC Potentiometer, Kelvin Double Bridge, Energy Meter, DC and AC Servomotor, Position Control System, On-Off Temperature Controller, Digital Storage Oscilloscope for performing transient response of first order and second order, Analog Computer for solving differential equations, Transformer oil testing set for B.D.V. test.

Workshop cum Field and Circuit Lab :

In this Lab the students can practice fabrication of electrical house wiring circuits, winding of motors and transformers coil in winding machine, repairing of all types of house appliances. They can also verify the fundamental laws of Electrical Engineering. The lab has a display of all types of Electrical Tools and accessories to make the students aware of them.

Wind Harnessing Electricity Generator, Electrical Sub-station, PLC Control Forward ­– Reverse Starter Panel, Auto Control of liquid level, Protection of College and Hostel Building Against Lightning, .

Electrical department has a good track record of placement. Our students are placed in Tata Steel, Jindal Steel, UCIL, ACC Cement, Usha Martin, BHEL, DVC, Bihar and Jharkhand Electricity Board, Indian Railways and BSNL etc.